blvd. Tsar Osvoboditel 8А,
Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria

UNICA Restaurant

Open your eyes! A beginning lies ahead of you.
A NEW door opens.
A new look. With a view.
A new perspective. Inwards.
The human eye is UNIQUE. They say it's a window to the soul. We will open a window to food, to beauty, and you can breathe freely. Although we are in the center of Sofia.
We will not start with loud words and promises that we are UNIQUE. We'll just give you a wink that we're here. And we'll let you get to know us.
New. Different. Yours.
Come and see us!
We are UNICA.
We could be your love. At first sight!

Eat, pray and love! UNICA
is the place!

Unica is our view of Italy.