blvd. Tsar Osvoboditel 8А,
Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria


Unica is not just another Italian restaurant.
Unica is our view of Italy. It is an Italian restaurant, but in Bulgaria. Unica is located in a place where there were previously Chinese and Russian restaurants. And in terms of real estate we say this is a top location. In other words - yellow paving stones plus a view. You will find the Bulgarian trace mostly in the integration of Bulgarian products and spices in our dishes. Although there is no formal separation, Unica gives you the feeling of two restaurants. The first one is more like ``pizza with a glass of beer/wine'', and the one on the second floor, which is, we can say, its more formal face.
We will not start with loud words and promises that we are UNIQUE. We'll just give you a wink that we're here. And we'll let you get to know us.
New. Different. Yours.
Come and see us!
We are UNICA.
We could be your love. At first sight!